We are Helen and Milo

We have been around dogs and farm animals all our lives. We hopefully bring all our experience as dog owners to our research and writing on this website.

This is our dog Pog. He is a six year old Cavachon. 

On a farm, dogs did not always get a lot of attention and had to take second place to the rest of the farm animals. Dogs were just expected to do their jobs as far as the adults were concerned, but for children like us growing up in the 1970's, the family dog was very important and sometimes our dog would be the only member of the family willing to spend time with us. So that is where our love of dogs comes from and animals in general. We both understand that dogs are not just working animals, but they are also loyal and loving companions that can provide us with years of fun and memories. 

That is why we have decided to start our own blog, where we can help other people find good common sense information about the perfect dog for their family.