August 28

by Milo and Helen

Black Jug Dog

The Jug dog is a cross-breed mix between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. They are strong-willed companion dogs with an active, outgoing personality, but do they come in black?

The answer is yes. There are black Jug dogs. The black coat may have a brown tint or a small patch of white on the chest, but there is no mistaking that these are black dogs.

This is a little surprising, perhaps when you think how white the Jack Russell Terrier is. They do come in black and white, but the black is usually in patches on the head, back, and tail. 

There are black or near black Jack Russell Terriers, but they are more likely not to be purebred but could be used in breeding Jug puppies.

Black is a dominant color, so you don't need a lot thrown into a dog's genetic makeup for it to have an effect.

The Pug, on the other hand, does come in all black. In fact, black Pugs are the second most common color of a Pug dog after the fawn color. 

Much of the appeal of fawn Pugs comes from the contrast between the black mask face and the rest of the body. The black Pug does not have that contrast, nor does the Jug. Therefore the black Jug can look a bit plainer in appearance than the other Jug colored dogs. 

Let's go through the different aspects and characteristics of the breed to see if the black Jug dog differs in any way from the other colored Jug dogs commonly found in family homes worldwide.

Do black Jug dogs shed less than other colors?

This may also have a surprising answer because most black Jug dogs should shed less than other colored Jugs. This is because most black Pugs are single-coated and therefore tend to shed less than the lighter-colored coats. 

The black Jug coat is most likely to be a smooth coat as the wiry Jack Russell tends to be white. Still, again that's not to say you can't have a wire-coated black Jug dog, especially when there is some ancestry that nobody has any account of, and that is always a possibility.

Do black Jug dogs have a different temperament/personality? 

There is no evidence that I have found to suggest that the black Jug dog has a different personality or temperament than the fawn or any other color Jug dog. Black dogs, in general, have gotten a bit of negative press at times, but I think this is less the case nowadays.

The black Jug is a loyal, affectionate and brave dog. Some Jugs have a strong hunting instinct. Their fearless but affable nature makes them wonderful family companions. They can be quite vocal and a bit stubborn at times but have great character with an always-on-the-go mentality.

The black Jug is a small dog with a big attitude. Any dog bred from a Jack Russell Terrier or any Terrier, in general, may not be great with small children, and no dog should be left unsupervised with young children. Terriers can be territorial and aggressive, especially towards other dogs.

Do black Jug dogs have more health problems?

There is nothing to suggest that black Jug dogs are any more unhealthy than the other color-coated Jugs available. Instead, the most significant health problem associated with the Jug is the main health problem related to the Pug parent, which is breathing issues because of their short muzzle and the shape of the skull. 

The Jug is part Jack Russell and has an entirely different skull shape and a much longer muzzle than the Pug; therefore, the likelihood of the Jug developing breathing problems is greatly reduced. 

Other health problems associated with the Jug are:

Dental problems - unlike breathing problems where the Jack Russel Terrier's long nose compensates for the Pug's short nose, dental disease affects both parent breeds and small dogs in general. Therefore, good dental care is essential for your black Jug dog, and always be on the lookout for bad breath from your dog.

Eye problems - both parent breeds can have eye problem issues that affect the eyes differently, so this is something to watch out for.

Obesity - is a problem common to both parent breeds; therefore, keeping a watchful eye on your black Jug dog's diet is essential. In addition, because the Jug is an active breed, they need more food for energy, and if they don't get the correct exercise, these foods can be stored as fat. Therefore, activity levels are essential, as well as diet.

Overall the black Jug dog is a reasonably healthy cross-breed dog. However, your puppy must be bred by a responsible breeder who has done their due diligence when pairing their dogs to get the best chance of producing a healthy litter of pups. 

Is a black Jug dog more hypoallergenic?

This is where the black Jug could have an advantage over the other colored Jug dogs. However, as has already been said, they do mainly shed less. Therefore, it would be a leap to suggest they are more hypoallergenic. 

Jugs are not hypoallergenic. Black Jugs, although they shed less, are not hypoallergenic either.  If you have someone in your family who is part of the 10% of people who have some sort of an allergy to dogs and is considering a Jug, regardless of the black Jug shedding less, it would be a bad choice. The only way to check if an allergy is triggered would be to meet with the dog.

To Conclude

The black Jug dog is one of the varieties of Jug dogs you can have when you combine a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug, probably a black Pug. Maybe even a black purebred Jack Russell, which doesn't really exist. Black Jug dogs are similar in many ways to the other color-coated Jugs but may shed less.

The black Jug is a robust, active, and loving companion dog that combines the working dog's strong nature with the affectionate nature of the Pug to produce an excellent combination for anybody who wants their family pet to have a bit more spunk. Overall highly recommended.


The Jug as a cross breed dog is not eligible for registration with American Kennel Club but you can register with the International Designer Canine Registry and they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid ClubThe Designer Breed Registry and The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America.

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