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Jug Dog Health Problems

The Jug Dog is a designer dog breed mix of the Jack Russell and the Pug. They combine the affection and attachment of the Pug companion dog with the strength and bravery of the Jack Russell working dog. The Jug makes a great pet.

What are the Jug's dog health problems? They can have health problems, but in general, the Jug is quite a healthy dog breed. There are certain health problems that are common to both parent breeds, which could affect the Jug, and some that concern just one of the parent breeds, which will hopefully pose less health risk to the Jug puppy.

The Pug is well-known for having breathing difficulties due to its flat face and short muzzle. This is less likely to be a problem for the Jug, as the Jack Russell has quite a long muzzle. Therefore, the Jug is more likely to have a snout that is somewhere in the middle and not have the same breathing difficulties as the Pug.

This is a positive aspect of cross-breeding where a condition that is debilitating to one of the purebred parents is mitigated by a counter trait in the other parent breed, but there are some illnesses and conditions that are common to both the Pug and the Jack Russell which may pose the same risk to the Jug offspring as their parents.

Health problems common to the Pug and Jack Russell.

  • Dental Disease

  • Eye Problems

  • Allergies and ear infections

  • Obesity

  • Legg-Calve-Perthes

  • Cancer

A lot of these diseases are mostly not life-threatening, and some, like cancer, are common to a lot of dogs. Therefore, they do not lessen the status of the Jug as being a healthy dog breed. Your Jug should not have a higher risk of developing these conditions than their parents, but they probably will be no less prone either.

Dental Disease

Dental disease can be a problem for all dogs. The Pug has a short jaw; therefore, their teeth tend to be crushed into a smaller area which also makes them harder to clean. The Jug should have a longer jaw and, therefore, more space for the teeth, but the Jack Russell can also have dental abnormalities such as overbite, underbite, oligodontia (teeth missing), and misalignment of teeth.

Regular professional cleaning is recommended, and that could be a good time for your veterinarian to examine what’s going on inside your Jugs mouth. Everything may be perfectly fine, but your dog needs to be checked on an individual basis to get a proper assessment. Good dental care is essential for all dogs because dental disease can lead to much more serious problems and even shorten your Jugs life if not treated.

Eye Problems

Cataracts are common in both the Pug and the Jack Russell, particularly in older dogs. This can lead to reduced vision and even blindness in some cases. Jack Russel is also prone to primary lens luxation and Glaucoma. 

The Jug has big bulging eyes and small eye sockets and therefore have a better chance of getting eye injuries and dry eye which is a painful condition where the tear glands stop working.

Allergies and ear infections

According To VetHelpDirect, there is a genetic ‘predisposition towards allergic skin disease with certain breeds of dogs.’ Both the Pug and the Jack Russell are prone to allergies and ear infections. Your Jug can be sensitive to allergens, and there is a high risk of infection.

Regular cleaning, drying, and checking of your Jugs ears and skin folds will help to lessen the likelihood of a serious condition developing, but if you notice signs of allergic reactions and ear infections, it may be best to seek medical advice. Symptoms usually start to show between 1 and 3 years of age.


Both parent breeds of the Jug dog can be prone to obesity but maybe for different reasons. The Jack Russell Terrier is an active hunting dog, and all they want to do is get out and start to chase something, anything. If they are expected to live a more sedentary life, then they can pile on the pounds.

Pugs are prone to breathing problems and overheating. Therefore, they may not get the exercise needed to burn off fat. The Jug dog is less likely to have breathing difficulty and may not be as active as the Jack Russell.

Having said all that, the main reason dogs may get overweight is that they are fed too much food by the people looking after them. Dogs are not meant to be fat and should only be fed their recommended daily amount of food unless there is a need to feed them more such as extra activity in their lives or they are pregnant.



Legg-calve-perthes disease is a hip condition where the blood supply is restricted to the dog’s legs. The Jug will be prone to this disease from both sides of their family tree, and if the condition is too severe, they may require surgery, or they could go on to get arthritis in later life. 

Signs of the disease are:

  • Lameness

  • Lack of full movement

  • Pain to the hips


According to Winter Park Veterinary Hospital, cancer is the main cause of death in Pugs. Cancer is also a risk factor for Jack Russell Terriers. They are both prone to a type of cancer called mast cell tumors which is where nodules form on the shin.

These nodules have to be surgically removed, but they are hard to distinguish from other benign lumps. You may have to consult your Veterinarian if you are worried. Mouth cancer is also a risk for the Jug dog.

Other Health problems for Jug Dogs

There are other health issues that can affect your Jug but may be less likely; these include:

  • Hearth Disease

  • Respiratory distress

  • Epilepsy 

  • Bone and joint problems

  • Bladder and Kidney stones

  • Cushing’s disease

  • Blood disorders

  • Liver problems

To Conclude

The Jug dog is a reasonably healthy dog and should live a long and healthy life until they are between 12 and 15 years of age, but there are some things you may have to keep an eye out for, such as eye injuries and diseases, allergies, ear infections, and obesity. All these issues can have an impact on your Jug's quality of life, and early detection and intervention may be crucial. If you are worried about your Jug's health, the best person to talk to is your veterinarian because they can see the individual, not the breed or even the mixed breed.


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The Jug as a cross breed dog is not eligible for registration with American Kennel Club but you can register with the International Designer Canine Registry and they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid ClubThe Designer Breed Registry and The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America.

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