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by Milo and Helen

Do Cavachons Bark a Lot?

One of the things that might be high on your list of priorities when considering a Cavachon is, do Cavachons bark a lot? The answer is no; the Cavachon is a low barking dog. They only really bark when they get startled, excited, or have something wrong with them.

The Cavachon is a hybrid crossbreed between a Cavalier, King Charles, and the Bichon Frise, and both are low-barking intelligent dogs. A Cavachon that barks a lot may have learned this behavior, hasn't been appropriately trained or is exhibiting signs of frustration. 

Getting a low-barking breed like a Cavachon is better if your family doesn't like dogs who bark a lot. If you live in a closed space like an apartment with lots of neighbors, a Cavachon is a good choice, as long as he hasn't been ruined by lousy training or developed some bad habits.

When Are Cavachons Likely To Bark? 

Cavachons are descended from hunting dogs; therefore, they love to walk and sniff the ground, so getting outside for a walk is sure to get them very excited. They may show this by barking.

They will usually bark more when they get excited during playtime, particularly when children are involved and making lots of noise. Cavachons tend to prefer older children, who tend to play ball games and run around, but don't like to be handled so much, which can be the case with younger children.

Cavachons are okay as guard dogs up to a point. They will usually only bark for a reason. That reason could be that you have an intruder, but they are more likely to go and greet the intruder with their tails wagging after the initial few barks than chase them out of the yard. Most Cavachons are not very territorial in nature, particularly if they have been neutered. 

Cavachons can start to bark more as a learned behavior, either from other dogs or again when playing with children, as they can end up barking all the time because of the amount of noise that the children tend to make. Dogs bark more to get attention over the noise.

Cavachons can bark to get a reaction from their owners or to communicate with their owners to let them know that they want food, water, or to go outside.

A dog that barks a lot will need more training if you want to get them out of the habit. This is because they do not understand why people react differently to their barking and will do whatever comes naturally to them.

Effects Of Barking

Dog barking and its effect on humans are dependent on certain factors. The time of day, where it takes place, the length of time the barking carries on, and the reason behind the barking. For example, a dog barking during the day when there is lots of activity happening won't be noticed, but at night and continuously will cause big problems.

People's tolerance of barking from their pets varies from person to person; some get very distressed when their dog is barking. On the other hand, some people pay no attention to barking and don't seem to get stressed by it at all. This can often lead to conflict within families and between neighbors.

Conflict between neighbors over dog barking is quite common. Choosing a Cavachon or another low barking dog breed may help reduce the possibility of such war, at least from your side of the fence or hallway.

Pros and Cons of Dog Barking

A dog barking can have two different effects, one positive and one negative. If a dog barks when you don't want them to and are annoying, this can be very negative and get people stressed out.


If your dog barks to alert you of potential intruders in the form of people or vermin, this would be considered a positive effect of barking. Likewise, if your dog can tell you they want to go out to do their potty or have no water left in their bowl, this would also be a positive use for barking.

Are Cavachon Dogs Hard to Train?

We have trained our Cavachon to ring a bell hanging from the back door when he wants to get outside and bark when he wants to come back in. I don't know if this reflects our ability as dog trainers or his ability to learn; either way, it seems to work well for us. The Bichon Frise, at one time, was used as a circus dog to perform tricks; therefore, the Cavachon should have inherited these traits and been able to learn quickly.

As low barking dogs, you can train your Cavachon to use their barking as a way to communicate with you.

When teaching your dog to communicate through barking, they must learn to use one to two barks simultaneously. In addition, they need to understand that continuous baking is never rewarded.

People's reactions to dog barking can depend on that person's mood at that point in time. This is not good for training dogs, as we need to be consistent with our messaging and not be affected by how we feel.

Train Your Cavachon to Communicate Through Barking.

As with all dog training, rewarding positive and discouraging unfavorable barking must be done consistently. In addition, your dog needs to be corrected every time they continue to bark for no apparent reason.

There is no point in allowing the continuous barking to the stage where you lose your temper. As far as the dog is concerned, you've allowed this behavior to carry on and then, just got stressed out for some unknown reason.

Cavachons are pretty easy to train to bark in a more controlled manner. There are only certain situations in which they naturally bark when they're playing or excited, when wanting attention, or when they hear or smell something out of the ordinary. 

Cavachons have traits that lay the groundwork for encouraging behavior that should make training more straightforward.

The most important thing is always being aware of the behavior you want to correct. Then, fix it every time, so the dog understands the correct behavior.

If you are training your dog, you need a command such as a "stop" or a "no" to indicate that you don't want this behavior to continue.


Training can be complicated in the case of barking. On the one hand, you want a dog to bark to let you know that they want to go out or they need some water. But you don't want them to bark excessively or continuously; therefore, you have to allow barking up to a point and then command them to stop.


As stated above, you have to be consistent. For example, when your dog barks to go out, you have to respond instantly every time, let your dog out, or keep your dog in. Do not allow the barking to continue; your dog will know that barking gets a response, and from that response, he will know where he stands.

Some of this may run counter to some training techniques you may have heard about. Even so, barking can be encouraged, but only in a controlled way because barking is a way for your dog to communicate with you; this should be a good thing.

Do Cavachons Bark at Strangers?

Cavachons, like most dogs, will bark at strangers if they are surprised or encounter a stranger in an unusual location. However, Cavachons are sensitive dogs, so they react to many different signals from all humans, either known to them or strangers. 

A Cavachon will alert you if somebody is outside your home. But they are more likely to be friendly towards the stranger than hostile. So they are good at alerting you but don't expect them to savagely attack an intruder.


Cavachons are low barking dogs but can be trained to communicate with their owners using one or two barks. Cavachons are sensitive and aware of intruders. They make good dogs alert their owners, but not much more to prevent an intrusion. Therefore, barking could be a positive trait in favor of getting a Cavachon to add to your family unit.

The Cavachon as a cross breed dog is not eligible for registration with American Kennel Club but you can register with the International Designer Canine Registry and they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid ClubThe Designer Breed Registry and The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America.

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