Most dogs don’t mind waking in the rain; in fact, some prefer it but have you ever thought, should you walk your dog in the rain? Unless your dog is in danger or there are extreme weather conditions, there is nothing wrong with walking your dog in the rain, and it can be an enjoyable experience for you both.

It will also be a great time for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. So long as it is not impacting your dog’s health or yours in any way, go and head out in the rain. You can always shorten the duration of the walk if it gets uncomfortable.

Walking your dog in the rain is usually not the problem. The problem can be what you do when you get them home. After you have been for a walk with your dog, they will need to be dried properly before they go and sit on their bed. If water gets trapped between them and their bed, it can lead to all sorts of nasty things like infections and arthritis is carried out over a long period of time. Make sure to dry your dog off well with a towel or hair dryer.

You can use raincoats and boots for your dog when you are out walking in the rain, but again you need to make sure there isn't any water trapped between your dog's skin and the raingear as this could lead to some health issues, and when the sun comes out it is best to take the rainproof off as your dog can get as wet from sweat as from the rain. These are just things to keep in mind when using these garments on your dog.

But is it safe to use a hair dryer on your dog?

According to vet street, it is perfectly safe to use a hair dryer to dry your pet as long as you exercise caution. This is good news because we have been doing it for years.

It is important to keep the nozzle away from your dog and keep tossing your dog's fur to get the warm air deep into the fur. Some dogs like being dried with a hair dryer; some don't. If your dog doesn't like the hair dryer, it's probably best not to force them.

The main thing is to get your pet as dry as possible after their walk in the rain. So if you use a hair dryer, exercise caution and keep your dog comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Walking your dog?

  • Dogs need exercise for their physical health, whether in the rain or not. 

  • Walking keeps your dog happy, it stimulates the brain and enhances the senses, introducing new smells, new sounds, and environments. They love new adventures so think about varying their path as dogs get bored walking the same route.

  • It strengthens their bones, muscles, and tendons and improves heart health. 

  • It helps them to maintain a healthy weight.  

  • Their behavior will improve.

  • It helps them socialize positively as they learn what they can and cannot do. 

  • Spending this time together encourages a deep connection, increases loyalty and trust, and strengthens the bond between you.

Walking your dog in the rain and selecting the right gear for your dog

  • The first thing to consider is to check the weather. A quick glance at the rain clouds in light drizzle can end up you getting caught out in a heavy downpour. 

  • Weather-appropriate clothing is a must. There are many varieties of dog coats available with and without hoods if you are going to be caught out in heavy rain. Visibility is the main concern, so the brighter the color, the better to be seen.

  • Comfortable clothing for you and your dog should be considered. Make sure your dog’s clothing fits well and that they are comfortable with no restrictions to their movement.

  • If you are also walking in the dark, plan with extra safety in mind, as visibility will be limited even more.  Wear many reflective bright colors to be seen. Hi-vis clothing is a great idea. Use a torch. Use safety lights. As it is more difficult to supervise in the dark, it is recommended to keep your dog on the leash at all times.

  • Consider harnesses for your dog when going out walking. They reduce the stress on their neck and joints but make sure they are fitted correctly around their shoulders so as not to restrict full movement.

  • There are so many choices of leash you cannot go wrong. Flashing, reflective, brightly colored, and Flexi leashes. Whatever is most comfortable for you and your dog. Just be seen to be safe.

  • Rain boots come in handy if you want to protect your pooches' paws. They are great at protecting the paws from debris and further contamination of a cut they may have. Dry clean paws are imperative to health, so buy some rain boots if you want to protect your dog’s paws. Some sporty boots are anti-slip, waterproof, and reflective and come in many different sizes.

  • Dogs love to drink from puddles, but unfortunately, contaminated puddles carry bacteria, so don't let them drink from them.  

  • Expect them to get mucky from the water splashing on their coat.

  • Keep water off their back and neck to prevent them from getting too wet, especially with thick long fur. 

  • Stay hydrated. Exercise makes dogs sweat, so make sure they have plenty to drink to stay hydrated.

After the walk, as I have said before, ensure that you have dried your dog off as soon as possible, especially if they have long or thick coats, to keep it healthy. It might deter them from going out in the rain again if they had an unpleasant experience by having to dry off slowly and end up feeling cold.

Tips for dogs that hate the rain.  

  • Introduce walking in the rain early on when they are young as some dogs are scared of the rain, especially if they suffer from anxiety. Some don’t like getting wet and feel the cold is too much for them.

  • You could start with a slight drizzling of rain so that they can get used to the feel of it falling on their coat and face and work your way up. 

  • Have plenty of treats to coax in a positive way as this will be a different obstacle with new benefits. 

  • If you feel your dog is not having any fun at all and appears stressed, it would be better to abandon this and try at the next opportunity. 

  • Interactive indoor play, such as tug of war and hide and seek, will be beneficial. This will be a great time to teach your dog new tricks like names of toys and fetch. All beneficial in maintaining his mental and physical well-being.

Why do some dogs prefer to be outside when it is raining?

There are a few possible explanations for why your dog may prefer to be outside when it is raining. One is that your dog is simply trying to cool down. If it's a hot day, the rain can feel refreshing. Additionally, some dogs just love the rain and the feeling of being wet.

However, there are also some health concerns to be aware of. If your dog is always lying on the wet ground, it can lead to skin problems. Also, drinking from puddles can be harmful as they contain bacteria or other contaminants.

So, if you're wondering why your dog likes to sit out in the rain, there are a few possible explanations. Just be sure to keep an eye on their health and make sure they're not getting too wet.


When you are going out walking with your dog, you should always be prepared for unexpected showers if the weather is predicting that and be seen at all times to keep safe. It is very unlikely your dog is going to come to any harm by walking in the rain, but the important thing is that they are properly dried off when they get back home. There are a lot of benefits to walking your dog, both for you and your dog, and you should not be put off by the possibility that it might rain.

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